LRC Regional Queensland Tour 2019 - Summary Trip Report

by Russell Speldewinde



After completing an extensive trip report of 39 pages (without pictures) for an extensive trip, I decided to publish a summary edition.  This is now the summary of that summary edition.

If anyone wants more information on the specifics of the trip I can send it to you.

Paulette and Eric Rigter have also written up their impressions of the trip.

Tour Group

Surname First Pax Second Pax Vehicle Accommodation
Speldewinde Russell Sharron Discovery 4 AOR Quantum
Blagdon Garry Kerryn Discovery 3 Modcon Forward Fold
Darke David Ann Prado 120 Aussie Swag
Greet Chris Christine Defender 130 Rear Fold
MacDonell Brian Diana Landcruiser LC200 Kimberley Karavan
Rigter Eric Paulette Prado 150 Kimberley Camper
Waples Ross Monica Discovery 2 Ultimate
Williams John   Ford Ranger Bunker Tent


This trip was discussed with a couple of club members and then seemed to snowball before being finalised and advertised.  It was initially set up as a 6 vehicle trip but expanded to 8 vehicles.

Essentially the trip took in hinterland Qld before heading up the Cape and returning via Gulf and Outback Queensland.

The trip was designed with several distinct stages and I planned and arranged accommodation through to Mt Isa.  At that point we would have a better idea of who would be continuing on the last part of the trip and it would be more flexible with accommodation arranged as needed.

The 5 stages were: Inland Way to Mareeba; Mareeba to the Cape and back; Savannah Way to Mt Isa; Outback Queensland to Thargomindah; Travel home.

Please scroll down to more details of each stage, including a gallery of photos for each stage.

Memorable moments

Group Dinner at Lightning Ridge

Catching up with Dawn and Errol at Roma

Paulette’s and Monica’s camp oven apple and rhubarb cake at Theresa Creek Dam

Undara Men’s shed

Dave from Ringers Rest eye catching performance

Merluna Dinner and Men’s Shed

The Weipa fish feast off the back of Greety’s fishing expedition

The day trip to the Tip

The 3 island cruise

The Bagman at Bramwell Station

Cobbold Gorge

Sunsets at Weipa, Loyalty Beach and Karumba

Sunrise and wind at Chilli Beach

Lawn Hill and Adels Grove

The Boulia Camel Races

Relaxing at Kalpower Crossing, Kilcowera and Rose Isle Station stays

Pop-riveting and Anderson Plugs

A big thank you to Paulette for the Tour scarves and pillow cases and to David for the Tour mugs (no, not me) and stickers.  Very much appreciated.

Detailed Itinerary and Gallery for Each Stage of the Trip

Stage 1: Inland Way

Stage 1 Itinerary

Date Depart Destination
01-Jun-19 Several places Lightning Ridge
03-Jun-19 Lightning Ridge Nindigully
04-Jun-19 Nindigully Carnarvon Gorge
06-Jun-19 Carnarvon Gorge Theresa Creek Campground
07-Jun-19 Theresa Creek Campground Charters Towers
09-Jun-19 Charters Towers Undara
12-Jun-19 Undara Mareeba

Stage 2: Cape York

Stage 2 Itinerary

Date Depart
14-Jun-19 Mareeba Musgrave Roadhouse
15-Jun-19 Musgrave Roadhouse Merluna Station stay
16-Jun-19 Merluna Station stay Weipa
19-Jun-19 Weipa Bramwell Junction roadhouse
20-Jun-19 Bramwell Junction roadhouse Captain Billy Landing
22-Jun-19 Captain Billy Landing Eliot Falls/Twin Falls
23-Jun-19 Eliot Falls/Twin Falls Loyalty Beach
27-Jun-19 Loyalty Beach Bramwell Station
28-Jun-19 Bramwell Station Chuulangan Campground
29-Jun-19 Chuulangan Campground Chilli Beach
01-Jul-19 Chilli Beach Archer River Roadhouse
02-Jul-19 Archer River Roadhouse Laura Pub
03-Jul-19 Laura Pub Kalpower Campground Lakefield
04-Jul-19 Kalpower Campground Lakefield Endeavour River Escape Cooktown

Stage 3: Savannah Way

Stage 3 Itinerary

Date Depart Destination
07-Jul-19 Endeavour River Escape Cooktown Ravenshoe Tall Timbers
08-Jul-19 Ravenshoe Tall Timbers Cobbold Gorge
10-Jul-19 Cobbold Gorge Croydon
11-Jul-19 Croydon Karumba
13-Jul-19 Karumba Burketown
14-Jul-19 Burketown Adels Grove – Lawn Hill NP (Boodjamulla)
17-Jul-19 Adels Grove – Lawn Hill NP (Boodjamulla) Mt Isa

Stage 4: Outback Queensland

Stage 4 Itinerary

Date Depart Destination
20-Jul-19 Mt Isa Boulia
22-Jul-19 Boulia Bedourie
23-Jul-19 Bedourie Birdsville
25-Jul-19 Birdsville Innamincka
27-Jul-19 Innamincka Thargomindah

Stage 5: Homeward Bound

Stage 5 Itinerary

Date Depart Destination
28-Jul-19 Thargomindah Kilcowera Station
31-Jul-19 Kilcowera Station Rose Isle Station
02-Aug-19 Rose Isle Station Canberra