President’s report Sept 2017

Aug 27, 2017

You will note in the committee minutes that the membership secretary has advised that about 50% of listed LRC members are currently non-financial.  Please note that subscriptions are due 1 July each year, although with the introduction of the new website and attendant payment processes, a period of grace until 31 August 2017 was agreed by the committee.  It is important that you remain current so you can join trips, have your say at the AGM, and access information at the website and Facebook page.

And further on the subject of keeping your membership current, it will become increasingly important that you remain current and develop familiarity with the new website as the LRC manages more and more of its business and social activities through the website.  If you want to nominate to lead or participate in trips, pay your subscriptions or read trip reports, it will eventually all be done through the website.  Nothing to be afraid of, get stuck in. If you have any issues accessing the site, or tips and improvements, please contact David Wilson the website manager.

Now to notices

Firstly, one for the Land Rover fans. The event at Cooma to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of Land Rover in Australia is forming up nicely and Ray Atkin is the LRC’s delegate on the organising team for that event.  Information, including website details, will become increasingly available over the next few months. The event should have something not only for the Land Rover tragics, but also for other members.

The AGM will be held in conjunction with the October Ordinary Meeting on 9 October 2017 at the Eastlake Football Club. At the AGM, all office-bearer positions will be declared vacant and up for nomination however, a good number of committee members, both office-bearer and auxiliary, have indicated they are happy to continue in their roles. At this stage, we’ll definitely need nominations for the following positions: Secretary and President. If you believe you can contribute in one of these, or another role, please consider nominating at the AGM in October. Nomination forms will soon appear on the website and will be available at the September and October meetings.

The 4WD Spectacular is to be held over the weekend of 2-3 February 2018. The show is a key source of income for the LRC, along with a significant source of new club members. To that end, it is expected that LRC members contribute to the running of the event. There are two key obligations: firstly, participation on rosters for the running of the event and secondly, and of no less importance, is the setup and running of the LRC club tent. In the next month you will begin to see information become available, on the website and at meetings, that set out expectations of members. I ask that you lighten the load on the organising committee and your fellow members by nominating to join rosters for either the show itself or the club tent.

Bob Zeitlhofer
President, LRC, ACT

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